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Top Mark 2005 Nationals - in 1st Place
The excitement at the top mark in Long Beach, 2005 Schock Nationals . (click on photo for larger image)

Certification by Perfect Circle Racing

Perfect Circle Racing has created a certification program in order to provide a level of standardization among race crew. By becoming a PC Racing certified Race Crew, you will be able to present the qualification to any skipper looking for race crew. While the skipper may not know of the PC Racing certification program, when you show him your certificate, he will certainly recognize the list of skills you have acquired, and be more able to find you an appropriate place on his team.

Becoming certified is easy. Simply attend a training session or two, take a short written test and practical test, and if your are qualified, you will be issued a certificate. There is no cost. For more information you may contact Fred

Become Certified

First download Definitions and Terminology and make sure you understand these terms. Then call Fred Young at 619.342-0477 and tell him you want to be certified. He will discuss with you your knowledge and experience, and either recommend additional training, or schedule you for your certification test. The Certification tests include a short written test, an oral test, and a practical on the water test. Upon completion, you will be issued a certification certificate.

Crew positions for which you may be certified

Basic Level Crew Positions

Racing Crew
Jib Grinder
Spinnaker Trimmer

Intermediate Level Crew Positions

Mastman (person)
Bowman (person)
Pit (Pole Control)
Pole Trimmer
Jib Trimmer

Advanced Level Crew Positions

Main Trimmer

PC Racing Certifications pdf for a complete list of the various certifications and the knowledge requirements for each.

The Schock 35 "Perfect Circle" rounding a bottom gate. (click on photo for larger image)

A Top Mark Rounding A sequence of photos showing a top mark rounding

A Top Mark Spinnaker Set A sequence of photos showing a top mark Spinnaker set.

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