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Top Mark 2005 Nationals - in 1st Place
The excitement at the top mark in Long Beach, 2005 Schock Nationals . (click on photo for larger image)

Perfect Circle Racing

Training and Certification for Sailboat Racers and Crew

Perfect Circle Racing is a free program, designed to support the sport of sailboat racing by providing training for both skippers and crew, and crew certifications. We believe that training and certifying new crew from the local area, will make it easier for skippers to find the crew they need in order to participate in more regattas. We further believe that by providing skippers a well organized training and racing program, they will be able to better manage their crew and their program, spend more time on the water, and enjoy the process.

New to Sailing, come to a Training Session and get out on the water

If you are energetic and like new things, come learn how to race sailboats with Perfect Circle Racing. We will teach you what you need to know, both in the classroom and on the water. Then we will match you up with a race boat skipper who will take you out on actual sailboat races, so that you may continue to race as much or as little as you like. You will have the opportunity to become certified and qualified to join any racing team and participate in either the low end relaxed races, or high end, high energy races, or both.

The Program

Perfect Circle Racing is a program designed to improve the sailboat racing. It is open to anyone who is or wants to be involved in sailboat racing, and provides education, training and certification for both race crew and skippers.

This program is about developing crew and skippers to be better sailors; to more easily participate in local races; to organize effective campaigns to race at the high end regattas in Southern California, such as Cal Race Week in Marina Del Rey, Long Beach Race Week, Ahmanson Cup in Newport, Yachting Cup in San Diego, and others; to bring local sailors together at some great parties, and to have a good time with many sailing related activities.

Our Goals

Or primary goal is to find people in the local area who want to learn how to race sailboats, train them, and connect them with the many boat owners in the area who need well trained crew; and to train skippers regarding how to organize and run a racing program. And of course, there are the parties.

Training is the key to success

A large part of this program consists of training. We are looking for people of any experience level. In order to be a member of our team, you must have a good attitude, desire to learn, be able to swim, and be able to move around the boat. If you are new to sailing, we will teach you what you need to know. If you are new to racing, we will teach you what you need to know. If you are an experienced racer, we will give you the opportunity to improve. We provide training for all levels.

This program is also about safety. Our priorities are 1) the safety of the crew; 2) the safety of the boat; 3) have a good time; and 4) win races. Of course, if we are winning races, we are having a good time.

How a new crew becomes trained

If you are interested in participating, you should join our mailing list and call Fred Young to discuss the program and how you can get involved. If you would like to attend a training class, send Fred an email (, with the class you would like to attend, and your availability of after work or on weekends. When we have enough interested people, Fred will schedule the class and call you to confirm your availability. If you would like to become Certified, call Fred (619.342-0477) to discuss the training and testing required for your desired certification.

Whether you are a skipper or crew, new or experienced, come join Perfect Circle Racing. Sail, Race, Learn, party, and have a great time on and off the water, with people you enjoy.

Education and Training for Racing Crew and Skippers
Perfect Circle Racing conducts classroom and dockside classes frequently followed by practice on the water. These classes cover a large range of topics specific to sailboat racing.
Race Crew Certification
Perfect Circle Racing performs written and practical testing in a variety of crew positions, and qualified crew will be certified as competent in each position. Their certificate contains the completion standards they attained and can be used to apply for a crew position in any racing program.
Kick Ass Parties
Let's face it, we're sailors, and we love parties. So we get everyone and their families and friends together for some great parties.

Who Should Join?

Anyone wanting to learn how to race sailboats
No experience, no problem. Perfect Circle Racing will train you in the various positions required on a racing sailboat and conduct dockside classes frequently followed by practice on the water. These classes cover a large range of topics specific to sailboat racing.
Experienced Racers wanting to improve
Experienced racers have the opportunity to train for more advanced crew positions and/or learn more about the sport of sailboat racing. Come participate in our advanced training classes and pick up a few pointers to improve your game.
Racers wanting to join a High End Racing Program
Perfect Circle Racing's Certification Program will provide training and certification acceptable to high end racing programs. After receiving these certifications you will be in a position to apply to any high end racing program in San Diego, Newport, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, and other harbors.
Boat Owners wanting to race and learn more
If you own a boat, be it a cruising boat or a race boat, by participating in PC Racing, you will learn more about your boat, how to better control it, and how to sail it faster. You will also learn how to put together a racing program suited for your racing goals, and be able to participate in your, and other clubs races.

Would you like our schedule information?

Fill in this form and click the submit button, and we will add you to our schedule email list. We will then send you scheduling information regarding our free classes so you can participate if you choose.


Level of Involvement Desired:


The Schock 35 "Perfect Circle" . (click on photo for larger image)

A Top Mark Rounding A sequence of photos showing a top mark rounding

A Top Mark Spinnaker Set A sequence of photos showing a top mark Spinnaker set.

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