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Top Mark, 2005 Nationals, in 1st Place

The Crew of Perfect Circle, 2005 Nationals (click on photo for larger image)

Perfect Circle's Fearless Crew

If not for the courage of the fearless crew the Minnow would be lost! The Minnow would be lost! Lost indeed, it is the crew that not only makes a boat fast and fun, but safe as well. And these folks are the best there is, anywhere. These are the people that make this team a success. They are the nicest, most committed group of talented sailors in all the world.

   Glen 'Q-Tip' Adams 11/5/55 - 3/21/07
The first of the original crew, signing on in the summer of 2002, Glen is a very committed crew member. He does whatever job is needed at the time. After running the Pit for some time, Glen is now trimming the Jib upwind, one of the most important jobs, as the Jib is the main power source for the boat. If Glen is not sailing or playing golf, you can find him at his BBQ grill. His tri-tip is the best.
Greg 'Snake' Bosdet
The second of our original crew, signing on in January of 2003 when we started sailing one design. Greg is the jokester of the group. We can always count on Greg for a bad joke when we need some comic relief. Greg runs the Mast and makes sure the pointy end is always ready. No one really knows what goes on up there, and Greg won't tell us.
   Larry 'U-Man' Kolisnyk
Larry joined our team in 2003. He has done four Newport to Ensenada races with us. He thinks he's too old to run the bow, but he still does a great job. We let him come to the back of the boat every once in a while so he can load up on Tequila.
Jess 'Bermuda Boy' Richter
Jess came to us in 2005 almost directly from the Newport RI to Bermuda race. If he is not sailing Key West, or some of the other great regattas in our country, you will find him on board Perfect Circle, keeping the kite under control. We like Jess a lot, but we keep him around because we really like Kendra.
   Kris 'Pit-Babe' Potter
Foreguy? Topping Lift? Jib Halyard? Oh, someone actually adjusts those? Really? All I know is that they are always perfect, Kris just keeps the pit in order, no matter what the conditions. And I know she's very cute, but keep your hands off guys, because this Pit Chick is taken. And her hubby has been known to go a little crazy at times, especially if he doesn't get his doggie downer.
Jeff 'Bartender' Patoff
Making sure that big white thing in the middle of the boat is powered up is Big Jeff. Still recovering from his time on the bow, Jeff still has to bite his lip every time we set up for a Jibe Set. But if its a good drink your looking for, Jeff is your man. Just stay away from those Irish Car Bombs.
   Barbara 'Tweek This Buddy' Brentano
Don't get in Barbara's way when the chute is going up or coming down. She will through you over the side. Unless it's her little puppy, then she is so easy.
Adam 'But the Poles Still Up' Hamilton
Adam has been handling the bow this year. He does an excellent job. If we find we are becoming just a bit too serious, just let the race committee call us over early when Adam doesn't agree. The comic relief is perfect, and we are no longer too serious.
   Lupita 'Carne Asada Anyone' Pena
Lupita is the first person to cook a great meal 'Carne Asada Buritos' with the boat healing 30 degrees as the wind blew a constant 20 knots. She has certainly passed the 'can I handle the ocean' test. Plus, she is just so good looking! Maybe I should invite her down to the Captain's cabin.
Drew 'There is Current Where?' Ackerman
Drew sailed with us in 2005, and will still come out occasionally when his kids give him some time off for good behavior. Drew is currently training his son Jack (2yrs) to be a bowman. Let's just hope Jack is a good as his old man.
   Bob 'Go Thataway' Paterson
Bob Paterson is a great tactician, and every once in a while, he will grace us with his presence and teach us a few things about what the wind does in southern California. Thanks for everything you have taught us Bob.
Steve 'BS' Potter
Where is the wind? Are we in phase? That's too much apparent! Do you think you know what the "BS" in Steve's name stands for? That's right, it's Boat Speed. Steve is one of the most knowledgable people I have every met regarding Boat Speed. And he's a great Tactician too!. Steve took on the role of Coach when we needed it most and helped our entire team improve. But we can't let him cut his hair, because that is our best source of wind information.
   Fred 'Turn around which mark?' Young
But we are going really fast, let's not spoil it by turning the boat. What? We past the top mark? Ok, maybe we should turn the boat.

Schock 35 Perfect rounding a bottom gate. Circle (click on photo for larger image)

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