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Top Mark Rounding System

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Top Mark 2005 Nationals - 10 boats going for the mark
Top Mark, 2005 Schock 35 Nationals, 10 boats going for the mark, very exciting racing. (click on photo for larger image)

Perfect Circle Sailing

and Perfect Circle Racing for Racers

Perfect Circle Sailing is an education and training resource for sailors and serves both cruisers and racers. Our educational goals includes:

  • For Cruisers:
    • Bare Boat Chartering in places like BVI, Tahiti and the Abacos
    • Tips for daysailing and short overnight trips
  • For Racers:
    • Skipper Training, setting up and managing a racing program
    • Finding and Training Crew
    • Race Crew Certification

Perfect Circle Racing
Are you new to sailing and would like to get involved in sailboat racing? Are you and experienced sailor who would like to develop and improve your racing skills? Perfect Circle Racing is and educational, training and certification program to help sailors and non sailors get involved in sailboat racing, become better racers, and have a great time in the process.
Cruising the best parts of the world
Fred has been known to charter a large 4 or 5 cabin boat in some exotic ports through out the world and take a group of his friends on an adventure. One of these days, many of those pictures, charts and commentary will be posted here.
Top Mark Rounding
A sequence of photos showing a top mark rounding. This series of photos shows how close one design racing can be.
Top Mark Spinnaker Set
A Top Mark Spinnaker Set A sequence of photos showing a top mark Spinnaker set. This series starts at the top mark and follows the boat around as the spinnaker is set and trimmed.
The Schock 35 'Perfect Circle'
Some pictures of Fred and the gang on his Schock 35s during the campaign years.
Join PC Racing
Join PC Racing, get some training, get certified, and come out sailing with us. Get on our Email List, to be informed about our training and sailing schedules so you can participate when you are available.
Performance Sailing Seminars
Fred has been teaching performance sailing seminars since 2004 in yacht clubs from Ventura to San Diego. If your club would like to host one of these seminars, please contact Fred Young.

Schock 35 Perfect Circle (click on photo for larger image)

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